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Flow Beyond Boundaries

At The Twisted Yoga Lab, we believe that yoga is more than just a physical practice; it’s a journey inward. Through intentional movement, conscious breathwork, and mindful meditation, we strive to cultivate a holistic experience that nurtures not only your body’s strength and flexibility but also your inner peace and resilience.

Choosing the Right Class

Remember to tune into your body’s signals and tailor your daily practice to its needs. Your well-being is unique, so consider choosing a class style that complements and harmonizes your energy on any given day. Opting for a restorative class occasionally can be just as beneficial as a dynamic vinyasa flow – listen to what your body truly craves.

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Specialty Classes

Yoga Conditioning

Experience the Fusion: Our Vinyasa-style class seamlessly merges dynamic strength training and functional mobility with the mindful essence of yoga. Brace yourself for a session that amplifies repetitions, incorporates cardio elements, and intensifies strength training, promising to boost your endurance and induce a good sweat. With the inclusion of resistance training and high-intensity intervals, our yoga conditioning class is designed to cultivate stamina, elevate your range of motion, and enhance aerobic capacity.


Meditative Flow

Transcending the ordinary and inviting serenity through the rhythmic flow of breath and body. Explore a fresh perspective  on a vinyasa-style journey that introduces an innovative twist to traditional movements. Intertwining breath and movement harmoniously, we construct a sequence of poses. Once the foundation is set, we revisit the sequence until your body effortlessly absorbs the movements. This process ensures fluid transitions, allowing your mind to gracefully ease into the meditative essence of the practice. 


Peak Pose Exploration

Embrace the challenge fearlessly! This comprehensive class ensures a thorough warm-up, gearing you up to conquer the peak pose. With precise guidance and a focused mindset, every peak pose becomes within reach, given your willingness to try. Achieving the pose might not happen on your initial attempt, you might even encounter moments of uncertainty, but the essence lies in your commitment to showing up and trying. This class is an invitation to explore, grow, and celebrate the journey toward each peak pose.

Classic Yoga


Explore foundational yoga postures with deliberate precision as you move through each one, cultivating a deep connection with your breath and the present moment. Hatha classes are a journey towards balance, strength, flexibility, and tranquility of the mind, welcoming practitioners of all levels. Immerse yourself in the practice, and discover the transformative power of Hatha yoga to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.

Vinyasa Flow

Experience a harmonious blend of balance, strength, and well-being with our Vinyasa Flow. Guided by the rhythm of your breath, this practice seamlessly intertwines poses and pace to keep your body moving in fluid motion.

This dynamic style offers a diverse range of sequences, promoting the generation of heat while simultaneously providing a meditative space. Embrace the variety within each session, allowing your practice to be both invigorating and a journey into mindfulness.

Yin Yoga

Serenity in Stillness. Step into a sanctuary of tranquility with our Yin Yoga class, a practice that invites you to surrender, release, and find peace in the present moment. In this gentle yet powerful session, you’ll explore a series of long-held, passive poses, targeting the deep connective tissues and promoting flexibility from within.

Yin Yoga is more than a physical practice; it’s a journey inward. As you melt into each pose, you’ll discover a profound sense of calm and introspection. This class is a sanctuary for those seeking balance, stress relief, and a reset for both body and mind.

Embrace the stillness, allow your breath to guide you, and experience the transformative power of Yin Yoga as you nourish your body, cultivate mindfulness, and embark on a journey of inner serenity.

Yoga Therapeutics

Embark on a Healing Journey. Our Yoga Therapeutics class is a sanctuary of holistic well-being, seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic practices. Accessible and grounded, this class integrates the best elements of yoga, deep fascia release, anatomical precision, and mindfulness teachings to create a transformative experience.

Guided by intention and dedication, each session unfolds with a focus on conscious breath, sound, and purposeful movements. This class is not a rigid structure; instead, it adapts to the unique energies brought by the students, the changing seasons, and the rhythms from dawn to dusk.

Dive into a variety of therapeutic practices, including joint freeing movements, ball massage, TheraBand sequences, chair yoga, mudras, mantras, vinyasa krama, and more. This dynamic offering ensures a tailored, ever-evolving journey that meets you where you are, fostering deep healing and a renewed sense of well-being.

Join us in our Yoga Therapeutics class and explore the profound integration of mind, body, and spirit, as we guide you towards a state of balance, resilience, and lasting wellness

Workshops, Trainings and Retreats

Prepare to be Transformed

Elevate your understanding and skills through our diverse range of workshops, continuing education courses, and rejuvenating retreats. Tailored to deepen your practice, each event is meticulously crafted to explore specific themes, enriching both your knowledge and teaching proficiency or personal growth. Our offerings span various durations, from half or full-day workshops to week-long intensive training and ongoing series, providing flexibility in both time and location throughout the year.

YTT Continuing Education:

Danielle’s live continuing education workshops empower teachers to deepen their understanding of the body’s physical mechanics and apply this knowledge to asana practice. These sessions not only provide insight into the intricacies of anatomy but also guide instructors in leading group classes with ethics, accessibility, and sensitivity at the forefront. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to help teachers leverage their strengths while uncovering their distinctive voices, fostering a holistic and empowered approach to teaching.

15-Hour Experiential Anatomy and Myofascial Release

Next Course Date: Spring 2025
Location: Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

This course can be hosted as a stand alone or it can be added into any 200 or 300 YTT.

Join Danielle Gilmour, renowned yoga teacher on Yoga International for an experiential and engaging breakdown of the human body as it relates to the practice of yoga. You won’t just sit there and take notes; you will learn how to directly apply this essential information to your practice.

This course is designed so students retain what you learn by examining and feeling key anatomical landmarks in your own body.  When we integrate anatomical knowledge experientially, we develop an inspired and organic ability to communicate a new depth of understanding.  As we work our way through the different areas of the body, we then explore further with myofascial release and corresponding anatomy-focused yoga classes.

Each lecture is broken down and referenced in the Yoga Anatomy Training manual. The manual has ample room for note taking and comes complete with anatomical diagrams, and further simplifies the complex system of the human body including bones, ligaments, fascia, tendons, and more, in an easy to digest fashion.

Through studying advanced integrative anatomy in this course, we cover all the superficial mover muscles and the deep stabilizing muscles, how the myofascial network of the body ‘connects the dots’.  After every group of muscles, we palpate the muscle so you can actively find the origin, insertion and differentiate the muscles when grouped together.  Followed by myofascial discovery and release, ending with an asana practice focused on targeting and cueing for the specific muscle groups.

Having a strong foundation and understanding of how the muscles work will provide you with tools to teach or practice with more confidence and clarity.

100-Hour Sequencing and Experiential Anatomy

Next Course Date: Spring 2025
Location: Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

In this 100-hour course you will learn how to artistically communicate with students to guide them through yoga classes. Create theme-based unique programs that are deeply layered with anatomy and experiential knowledge. Through the asana practices, you will build a three-dimensional library of language and imagery that will spark new realizations in your students.

Asana Sequencing and Inspired Communication

Communication is like conducting a symphony with our words. In order for everyone to play in harmony, we must have a clear internal vision of what we’re trying to convey. We build and clarify this internal vision through our own embodied experience, which we can then translate and transmit to our students through our cueing. From this anchor, we can teach with greater depth, potency, creativity, and spontaneity.

Without the support of actualized experience, teaching can remain flat and dispassionate.

Sequencing will be a deep exploration and uncovering of the truths that are born from and within your personal practice. In this 100-hour journey, you will engage in concentrated studies in sequencing and theming. By positioning these technical studies within a greater experience of practice, you will integrate this understanding and be able to act as a transmitter of the teachings.

Experiential Anatomy

Why do you need, or want more anatomy?

Studying anatomy is about more than learning the muscles and bones; it is about recognizing our own holistic, multi-dimensional embodiment. When we integrate anatomical knowledge experientially, we develop an inspired and organic ability to communicate a new depth of understanding.

A deeper understanding of how the body works and functions as a community of muscles firing together allows you to have intelligent sequencing and a conversation with students’ bodies to better guide them through their journey in your class.

Through studying advanced integrative anatomy in this course, we cover all the superficial mover muscles and the deep stabilizing muscles; and how the myofascial network of the body “connects the dots” and inspires strength and grace.

After every group of muscles, we palpate the muscle so you can actively find the origin, insertion and differentiate the muscles when grouped together. This is followed by myofascial discovery and release, ending with an asana practice focused on targeting and cueing for the specific muscle groups. Once something has been felt and digested from within, this information can develop potency and be integrated into wisdom.


By the End of This 100-Hour Module You Will Be Able To:
  • Feel  confident teaching, having 10 hours of teaching group classes
  • Target an area of the body for myofascial release
  • Have 6 targeted asana programs for specific body areas
  • Dive deep into the layers of your personal practice
  • Design and build empowering sequences
  • Be confident in your teaching style
  • Skillfully and intuitively pace your class teaching for maximum student experience
  • Create graceful and safe transitions to seamlessly integrate the class into one continuous flow
  • Cultivate the techniques necessary to hold students in the practice space skillfully, seamlessly, and intuitively
  • Develop your authentic and empowered teaching voice
  • Experiment with a variety of practices to develop an experiential understanding of each practice’s effects
  • Create powerful and inspirational thematic journeys from a place of personal connection and intuition
  • Find greater trust in your own inner wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching
  • Cue the physical body in asana, from the visceral to the subtle
  • Develop your own internal library of metaphors, imagery, and creative language that you can draw from to expand your teaching and cueing
  • Use integrative hands-on assists that work with the intelligence of the body to help students integrate the actions of the pose
  • Intelligently cue students in order to help them self-adjust
  • Enrich and advance your personal yoga through daily immersive practices
  • Deepen your connection to your own voice, empower your presence, and hold space as a teacher
  • Be ready for job auditions

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