The Twisted Yoga Lab

From Our Community To Yours

Yoga instructors from across Canada have come together in one spot to offer top quality live-streaming classes. Offering 400+ live-stream classes a month, you will be able to find what you are looking for, while practicing in the comfort (and safety)of your home.

Both clients and instructors are hesitant to go back into yoga studios or gyms.

The Twisted Yoga Lab was created during the Covid-19 lockdown. As the world shut down, and we were all told to stay home for months on end, we felt disconnected from our friends, our families and our communities. Our lives were shifted into working from home, ordering online and doing yoga in our living rooms.

TTYL is a collaboration of instructors binding together to make a platform that is for the practitioner, bringing all styles and levels together in one place.
What We Offer
Live-Streaming Yoga Classes
Private one-on-one yoga sessions
Educational Labs and Workshops
Nutritional Counselling

Danielle Gilmour

Holistic Nutritionist | Yoga Educator | Yoga Instructor

Danielle is a respected ‘teacher’s teacher’ who assists in workshops, retreats and teacher training around the world. She shares this knowledge with her students and other instructors so they can practice and teach wisely, sustainably and mindfully.

Danielle was raised in ‘The Sunny Okanagan Valley’, picking fruit from the trees in the backyard, running free in the forests that surrounded their house and spent summers camped out on the local beaches.

With that natural curiosity about the world around her, Danielle chose a job where she could explore, work and live in different countries.  In 1999, based out of Fukuoka, Japan, she went to her first yoga class, which was taught in Japanese. Instantly she found herself drawn into the movement, the community and the inner peace it brought.

Settling in Toronto, Danielle reinvented herself a few times, from Fashion Designer to Fashion Teacher, then owner of a Gourmet Food Public House.  During her time owning the restaurant, one of Danielle’s closest friend committed suicide, which started Danielle on a downhill spiral with her own traumatic past and mental health problems.

Dedicated to personal growth and understanding, Danielle spent the next few years re-educating herself in Health and Wellness. Her career began immediately after finishing her studies when she was hired to create and implement a Health and Wellness Program at an In-Patient Addiction Recovery Center for Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health.  She worked with clients 5 days a week, teaching them yoga in a group setting, then seeing each client one-on-one for personal health concerns, nutritional education or private yoga sessions.

Years of research, scientific inquiry, self understanding, development and integration have gone into Danielle’s work. The result is an evolved set of techniques and approaches that interconnect the yoga you love with everything else your body needs to stay healthy.

"Danielle’s teaching style is dynamic, raw and commanding. Her classes are contagious and eloquently cued, leaving the student knowing precisely where they are going so they can enjoy the journey of the class. Her sharp intuition to read the room delivers a class that leaves you balanced, grounded, electrified and wanting more."

Cathy R, Vancouver, BC

"Danielle is a fierce leader and her transitions push the boundaries of your comfort zone, while offering a mentally challenging, balanced and grounded class. With a bold personality and an overly compassionate nature, I trust in Danielle’s instincts as both an instructor and my health coach."

Sandy M, Toronto, ON